Building ships (Steel)

If an industries' area of business is an indication of its performance, it is no wonder that Timblo Drydocks is a leading name in the steel ship building industry. Timblo Drydocks has been involved with the construction of inland and various other steel vessels for over 35 years and in the past 5 years has got into the field of ocean going as well as specialised vessels for the offshore industry. The shipyard, located on the banks of the River Zuari in Goa is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to carry out block constructions.


Timblo Drydocks has been in the business of building vessels for inland water ways in Goa as well as other locations in India. The company's repertoire of inland vessels includes twin screw dry cargo barges, pontoons, dredgers, passenger launches, small floating jetties, etc. In addition, Timblo Drydocks also designs and constructs:

  • Dry cargo barges upto 3500 DWT with LOA of 79 meters with twin screw for carrying high and low density dry bulk cargos
  • Pontoon dredgers fitted with grab cranes
  • Pontoons for various purposes up to 80 x 24m
  • Passenger launches to carry up to 100 passengers under I.V. regulations
  • Floating jetties for boarding or loading purposes

Ocean Going

Timblo Drydocks has also added to its repertoire of activities, construction of ocean going crafts and multi purpose vessels of up to 8000 DWT and 118 meters LOA. These also include, OSVs, PSVs, AHVs and various other specialised vessels, to cater to the offshore industries and clients.

  • 1 slipway with rail mounted trolleys for launching and recovery (length 210 x width 16 meters).
  • 1 slipway with air bag launching/recovery facility (length 220 x width 20 meters).
  • 1 assembly bay with side launching facilities (115 x 20meters).
  • 2 outfitting sheds (2000 sq m each) with 2 EOT cranes in each shed
  • Plate shop with CNC plasma cutting machines, rolling machines, 3D bending presses, etc, with EOT cranes
  • Outfitting bay.
  • Latest welding equipment and facilities.
  • Track and mobile cranes from 10-150 tons.
  • 5000 sq meters of secured covered storage area
  • Custom bonded facility
  • Current capacity: 550 tonnes per month